Match has cultivated a safe dating environment by actively policing its network, screening all new profiles, and empowering users to block or report profiles on the site. Anyone can report a concern to the dating site and expect a response within 24 hours. Match encourages users to flag any profile showing inappropriate or fake content or exhibiting abusive or otherwise harmful behavior.

I've sent out over 100 messages in two months and in that time I had one. Just one woman message me back only to say she wasn't interested. The app is a complete waste of money and time and unless you are a female I feel like it will really ruin your self confidence level. I mean I don't try to message women that are out of my league I'm 5'9 with what I assume are average looks and an average body and normal hobbies and interests I have a car and my own place and I'm a supervisor at a retail store and I even graduated college so when I don't get a single message back from anyone it is really confusing. I've tried short messages, longer messages, and no response.
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Match has a pretty straightforward pricing setup. As with many dating sites, there is a basic free membership that allows you access to the site and some limited functionality. To really take advantage of the site, however, you'll want to pay for one of their paid membership options: The one-month membership, which costs $42.99; the three-month membership, which costs $71.97 or $23.99 a month; or the six-month membership, which costs $125.94, or just $20.99 a month. Those prices are a shade higher than some other dating sites, but represent very good value considering Match is one of the best-rated sites out there and that you'll be getting access to a very well-run site with quality members.
The worst site imaginable. Look forward to spending two minutes verifying that you're not a computer every time you log in (after paying), so you can see 45 people, two of whom you're interested in (in a top 5 city in terms of population in the US), one of whom has been online in the last year... and a bunch of people a hundred miles away. All good reviews about this horrible site online are ones they paid for. Run for the internet hills.
Match has a pretty straightforward pricing setup. As with many dating sites, there is a basic free membership that allows you access to the site and some limited functionality. To really take advantage of the site, however, you'll want to pay for one of their paid membership options: The one-month membership, which costs $42.99; the three-month membership, which costs $71.97 or $23.99 a month; or the six-month membership, which costs $125.94, or just $20.99 a month. Those prices are a shade higher than some other dating sites, but represent very good value considering Match is one of the best-rated sites out there and that you'll be getting access to a very well-run site with quality members.
The basic search is a quick way to get started and filters members by the basic features of gender, age range, and location you have stated you want. To run a basic search, head to the Discover menu and click on the Go Search tab, which will bring up a list of member results. From the Go Search page you can refine your results further and run an Advanced search by clicking on the filter icon. This will drop down a list of categories (shortcuts, interests, looks, personal, and lifestyle) each with various optional checkboxes you can select from to filter your results in more detail. Essentially, this advanced search allows you to filter by any profile field. For any basic or advanced search, you can click the bookmark icon to save your settings for future use.

There’s no sugar coating it, for men you’re going to have a really hard time. The competition is fierce so the amount of women you are going to have message to get any conversations going are insurmountable. This site needs to find a way to level the playing field for everyone. Okcupid has done it to an extent. The six months for free is a start. I bet all men are the ones who get that extra 6 months free.
The paid membership also allows you to keep track of various useful connections such as users you have sent winks to. Moreover, you can remove members you are not interested in from search results. This enables you to make room for other possible connections. On the other hand, other members can also find you. You get a dedicated email address that enables you to communicate privately and safely with other users on the site.
Although it’s held different names throughout the year, Top Spots have been a feature on Match for years, unlike the Improve My Profile feature, which is rather new. Throughout the site, users will see prompts to “Improve your profile,” and unlike other dating sites that give you stats and insider tips, Match helps users improve their profile by actually having pros rewrite member profiles. Currently titled ProfilePro, the profile writing add-on enlists so-called profile writing pros to overhaul member profiles with the goal of getting members more attention from others on the site. It comes with no guarantees but for those who simply don’t express themselves well in words, it’s a handy option. The service costs $39.99 plus tax and is completed in only a few short days.
There’s also the add-on option of going invisible, which may appeal to those who aren’t very comfortable with direct contact or those who simply want to be able to go back and forth looking at profiles as many times as they please without coming off as creepy. In Private Mode, a member’s profile is 100% invisible while they search and view profiles and then they can instantly make it be visible again at the right time, such as when that member wants to make the first move. Members with Private Mode can unhide their profiles for individuals to take actions such as email, like, chat, wink and favorite. A special purple profile icon shows Private Mode members who can see them and the digital invisibility cloak can be turned on and off instantly, and at any time. Private mode only costs $9.99 a month but is only available to paid members.
Nothing seems to happen on this dating site. I get views but that's it. I find it amazing that I have friends and family in real life who think that I'm a decent enough guy, but on a dating site nobody seems to give a damn. I posted an accurate description of myself, a nice photo but nope nothing. I guess I have to look like Brad Pitt and be super wealthy to attract somebody on this website but that's okay. My realy life friends think I'm pretty great.Thanks for nothing. is an online dating site that gives you a lot of flexibility in choosing who you contact and a wide search criteria. I met my wife of 7 years on Match. I feel that I was too old for the bar scene, and the nature of my job made it difficult, if not impossible to meet someone to develop a relationship at work. I've used other dating sites, and they tend to be more prohibitive to pare down the type of person you are interested in, you have to answer a litany of screening questions, etc.
His health problems sound like a publication in a health journal for grubby diseases. ED could just about, be excused if he did have a monogamous bone in his body. It must be nature's way of bringing him down to earth with a bump. Gangrene is yet to set in. He does not & has never practiced safe sex. Don't expose yourself girls to horrible stds. His mouth is not just for stringing out lies, it's been part of this dangerous man's tools for picking up disease from the immoral individuals like himself & passing it on & endangering the health of otherwise healthy unsuspecting women.
If you are searching for a serious relationship, or just into some casual dating, the site provides something for everyone. has seen more dates, relationships and weddings for its single users, than other dating sites online. The site has an excellent success rate and boasts the largest base of paid members than any other online dating site. Operating as many other online dating portals, has an advantage over others, in that it is highly experienced and widely known in the industry. Standing out from its competitors is due to the fact that comes with very powerful search technology and provides five match suggestions every day, based on user background information and interests. This site is also among a small handful of sites which provides easy online dating through mobiles, to enable users to search for partners when it is convenient, and while they are on the go.
He is mentally ill, a penniless hoarding hermit living in a small village, South of UK sorrounded by dust mites & mildew, living in one room in a dark dingy delapidated grimy dirty smelly house, with decaying food, filthy carpets covered in other women's hair, dirty underwear, dry skin particles & heaven knows what else. The stacks of dusty old newspapers are a sight to behold. He has nothing to offer anyone. He might try to fool you by mentioning how it would be nice to settle down get married & have children soon. Don't fall for it. It's nothing but a string of lies. He spends 24/7 in a filthy dressing gown stuffing his face when he has cut price food in the shack. The highlight of his day is watching other people going about their business & gossiping repeating for the hundredth time yet another boring old story. He'll tell you lies of how he's a hard worker pointing out the benefits cheats living nearby but he's exactly the same only he lives on other peoples wages as well. He goes for days without brushing his teeth or even having a shower or bath. He licks the crockery instead of washing up. Shock horror!
Wow, what can I say except I feel like a fool. If you read all the reviews that I just read, you will see why it is really stupid to get involved with this site. It lead me on, it tried to learn as much as it could about me, and when I accused it of being a robot, it got mad at me even after it had been calling me "dear". It claimed that "she " was an artifact dealer here from Dubia UAE, what a joke, except that it was on me. Now the site leaves me alone. Don't go there, unsubscribe immediately!
There are a few different options for logging in to You can enter your email address and password, which is the traditional login option, or, if you have Facebook, you can log in using your Facebook account. Simply click on the "login using Facebook" option; the site will then redirect you to Facebook, where you can log in using your Facebook account details. Once you've completed that procedure, you'll be returned to, all logged in. While this may seem like an unnecessary step, it does mean one fewer password and user name to keep track of for you. 
Tip: Match is so confident you'll find someone within the first six months that they offer a guarantee. If you don't find someone during your six-month subscription after you have taken the required steps to be an active part of the community, they will give you the next six months at no extra cost. You can also try out Match for three days for free to see if it's right for you.

This is a sub-feature of daily matches that provides you with a specific daily match that might be a great connection for you. This is usually the first match provided in the daily matches, and the match is usually reviewed first. However, frequency of the singled out match depends on the accuracy of algorithms. Therefore, your chances of getting a singled out match increase as you review more daily matches.
The feature allows you to talk with other users on your phone safely without revealing your number. This anonymous alternative to the conventional texts and phone calls helps to protect your privacy. The MatchPhone generates a new phone number that is forwarded to your phone. This auto-generated member is the number that appears on the other user’s caller ID.

After your picture is added, your profile is submitted to the site moderators for approval and your first set of matches is shown, from which you can check those you are interested in. The approval process is part of Match’s basic system, and something users often get hung up about, although at its core, it’s designed to ensure profiles are real and the site stays clean. Throughout your use of the site new photos and updated profile information in the open-ended sections will have to be approved before it goes live. 
However, Match shares similarities with both. It can act like a huge database of personal ads like Plenty of Fish. And like OKCupid, there are also quizzes and games that will boost data about you. This might seem a little time-consuming and require you to take more initiative, but it will help you find people with whom you share more commonalities. was founded by Gary Kremen and Peng T. Ong in 1993.[3][4] Early on, Kremen was assisted by Ong, who helped in the design of the initial system, and Simon Glinsky, who served as the company's marketing consultant.[5] Fran Maier joined the company as its director of marketing.[5] According to a retrospective from The Atlantic, Maier helped to develop's initial business strategy, which included a subscription model and the inclusion of diverse communities, including women, technology professionals, and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities.[5] went live as a free beta in early 1995, and was first profiled in Wired magazine that same year.[4][6]