I have had a really bad experience with Match.com customer service. A few times they've deleted my profile for no reason, after numerous emails exchange it was restored. But it had been deleted a few more times. Furthermore, a few times it was deleted and no explanations provided. The last time when i've created a match profile I've tried to upload a few photos, fully dressed, very decent. However the moderation team kept rejecting it. When i sent a complaint to the customer service they said that I must give them a call to resolve the problem, which i couldn't do. Because my working hours are the same as theirs. When i insisted on to continue the written communication they've simply cut off my access to my profile. Full stop. It looks like they've deleted my profile for good, without giving me the opportunity to restore the password or create a new one.
If you were charged in one lump sum, you can't. If they are auto billing you every month, shut it off. If they took one lump sum, the best you can do is file a formal complaint with the BBB and any federal fraud protection agency you can dig up. Why would they refund you? They don't give a $#*!. To even get a response, you will have to have a local attorney draft a letter threatening to bring civil action (that will cost more than the year they billed you for). If you wanted to make a point, hire the attorney to file the civil suit. The suit would have to be for considerably more than they extorted. To win that is next to impossible because the court will require you justify the additional damages for which you are suing, They will, by law, have to respond. At which point they will issue a refund (a couple hundred dollars), the court will consider it satisfied, and the attorney will bill you a couple of grand for their effort. Point is, you're screwed! These internet companies know that the expense you would incur trying to fight them (especially across state lines) far, far exceeds what they ripped from you. It's essentially legal theft. Sorry about your luck...You got had! I've been there in other areas myself.
Recently, Match launched a feature called Missed Connections, which is an attempt to use technology and its advanced algorithm to help people meet in real life more “naturally.” Users must agree to use geolocation but once they do, the app provides a rather impressive function of showing members others who they have been in the same vicinity with recently. After Missed Connections is activated, members can browse through a personalized recent feed of other Match members they have crossed paths with (who also have Missed Connections activated), based on their current matching criteria and location. Members also get details such as intersection points for your last crossed spot with another member within one block and the number of times that member has crossed paths with you. While geo-locating may deter some users, Missed Connections does offer some much desired benefits in the online dating world, such as giving members natural conversation starters and introducing members to others who may already share similar interests -- for example, they might both go to the same coffee shop every morning because they both love that particular brand of coffee.
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